Swedish Christian Democrats Call for Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders

A Swedish political party is demanding chemical castrations for sex offenders found guilty of particularly heinous crimes.

Sweden’s Christian Democrats proposed the policy July 1 alongside a slew of other suggested criminal reforms, according to The Local.

Other proposed policies include mandatory life sentencing for the aggravated rape of a child and an end to automatic conditional releases for criminals convicted of sex crimes. The maximum sentence for aggravated rape would also be bolstered to 25 years under the proposal, the outlet reported.

“Every day, 27 rapes are reported. How many days must pass before the government takes action?” Christian Democrat leader Ebba Busch said at a meeting of the Swedish Parliament. “Today we propose that rapists and people who commit sexual crimes against children should be able to be chemically castrated.”

“It may mean that if a person like Nytorgsmannen is to be able to become a free man, a chemical castration must have taken place before the release,” Busch added.

Busch was referring to the nickname of serial rapist Andreas Holm, who was convicted of 24 rapes and sentenced in 2021.

Chemical castration causes the human body to stop producing sex hormones and has been shown to weaken sexual urges. However, chemical-induced castration is not permanent and requires regular maintenance to remain effective.

Chemical castration is a deeply controversial concept around the world, and some experts have questioned its effectiveness.

Rape and other sexual offenses have become a systemic problem in Swedish society.

“In 2021, 27,639 sexual offenses were reported, which represents an increase of 10% since 2020,” the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Justice, reported. “There was a 3% increase in the number of reported rape offenses, with 9,668 rapes being registered in 2021. The number of reported crimes of sexual molestation increased by 12% by comparison, with the figure for 2020 to 11,348 cases.”

According to the 2020 data, 7.7% of women “self-reported victimization due to a sexual offense.” Additionally, 1.2% of men reported similar victimization, averaging out to 4.6% of the Swedish population.

The numbers are even more drastic when broken down by age.

“The proportion for both men and women is greatest in the age group 20–24, where 26.9% of women state they were a victim of a sexual offense and 2.5% of men,” according to the 2020 data.

Reporting from Fox News.