Suspicion of Senior Abuse in 91 Wisconsin Nursing Homes: 95% to 100% Voter Turnout Rates

Ninety-five to 100% of seniors in more than 90 nursing homes in Wisconsin voted, according to records, which, along with other evidence, has sparked questions about senior abuse.

  • A Tuesday meeting of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections held an informational hearing revealing that 91 Wisconsin Nursing Homes saw 95% to 100% voter turnout rates.
  • Special Counsel and Former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and Attorney Eric Kaardal conducted an investigation on the 2020 Election Report, according to The Gateway Pundit (TGP).
  • Justice Gableman played video of several of the elderly nursing home residents during the presentation showing what he asserted was abuse and voter theft. 
  • According to TGP, several Wisconsin families reached out to Gableman and his committee after they discovered their loved one residing in a nursing home had voted.
  • Reports streamed in from all over Wisconsin, including five cities, which were consistent with a report from Just The News that reported evidence of a lack of statewide election integrity.
  •  The Amistad Project conducted an investigation on behalf of the Wisconsin Voter Alliance finding that the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life gave $8.8 million towards the administration of the 2020 election in Wisconsin.
  • Phill Kline, director of conservative election integrity watchdog The Amistad Project, found that the results were “quite remarkable,” saying that private money flows in, government-hired voter navigators go after nursing homes, and suddenly, 90-some-odd nursing homes in Wisconsin have 100% turnout, even if people — who, unfortunately, due to their health conditions — are unable to read, think, or contemplate voting.”
  • “And now we have videotaped depositions and interviews with their family members saying, ‘My loved one hasn’t been able to vote for years and has been deemed to be incompetent.'”
  • Investigations into Wisconsin’s election have been prompted by widespread inconsistencies in typical voting trends for the state.
  • Last November there was a special request by Racine County Sheriff’s Office who asked that the state attorney general investigate alleged illegal directives issued by the Wisconsin Election Commission.