Survey Finds Millennials Think Reading Books, Using Cash & Talking on Phone Are Signs Someone is ‘Living in the Dark Ages’

Yet the activities they prefer make them lonely and miserable.

According to a new survey of millennials, reading books, using cash and talking on the phone are some of the signs that you are “living in the dark ages.”

Yes, really.

They poll of 25-40 year olds was conducted by Energy retailer Love Energy Savings.

Using cash was the top answer, with 28 per cent of millennials believing that something that was commonplace as little as 10 years ago (and still is in many countries) is a sign that people are completely out of touch.

Presumably, only using digital payments that encourage you to get into more debt and which can be more easily tracked and traced is trendy.

Another one of the top answers, chosen by 18 per cent of respondents, was “reading books,” which despite being linked with increased happiness and carrying obvious educational benefits, isn’t cool.

Going to church and talking on the phone are also seriously ‘dark age’ activities, according to millennials.