Surgeon Made Baby’s ‘Guardian’ So Vaxxed Blood Can Be Used in Surgery

New Zealand judge takes away rights from parents of baby in need of surgery, gives them to surgeon and physician wanting to use blood from COVID-19 vaccinated donors during procedure.

From WND:

The parents adamantly refused that strategy, and their desire to use blood from dozens of unvaccinated donors was attacked by the government.

The result is that the child now apparently can have surgery – and vaxxed blood will be used as needed.


It is Health New Zealand that demanded from Auckland High Court the authority to order the surgery under the Care of Children Act.

"The parents said in an interview with Liz Gunn, a broadcaster from New Zealand, that their baby, Will, has severe pulmonary valve stenosis and requires surgery 'very immediately,' but they are 'particularly concerned with the blood the doctors are going to use," the report said.

"He’s in a stable condition," said Cole, Will's father. "We’re not playing with our baby’s life to get a political or any movement going. We’re wanting our baby to have the surgery and we’re wanting him to have the very best of what’s available for his surgery and his future and his recovery."