Supreme Court Removes Oral Argument for Title 42 From Calendar

The Supreme Court removed the Title 42 oral argument from its calendar with no explanation. The March 1 event would consider GOP-led states’ effort to maintain the policy limiting immigrants’ ability to seek asylum in the United States.

From The Hill:

The Biden administration, which has had a complex relationship with Title 42, last week filed a brief suggesting the case will become moot once the administration revokes the public health emergency on May 11.

“Absent other relevant developments, the end of the public health emergency will (among other consequences) terminate the Title 42 orders and moot this case,” the Justice Department wrote. 

“The government has also recently announced its intent to adopt new Title 8 policies to address the situation at the border once the Title 42 orders end,” it added, referring to the section of the U.S. code that lays out the standard process for removing migrants from the country.