Supply Chain Is One More Example of Biden Failing at Basics of Governing

Planes aren’t flying, inflation’s surging, Americans are being held hostage in Afghanistan, the China Flu continues to rage, and now this incompetent moron we call His Fraudulency Joe Biden has bungled the basics of keeping our supply chain moving.

Biden’s trillion-dollar spending sprees, which were not necessary, have resulted in record inflation and price spikes, especially concerning the basics of life in energy and food prices. And yet, he’s still threatening to make things worse by pushing another $3.5 trillion federal boondoggle.

Biden spent much of his presidential campaign warning people not to trust Trump’s coronavirus vaccine. Then, after he allegedly won the election, he had to sell the very thing he’d trashed, and now here we are still living with the pandemic because people don’t trust the vaccine. Gee, I wonder why?

Biden has not only undermined confidence in the vaccine in every way imaginable, but his push for fascist mandates has also resulted in massive flight delays. If you want to talk about failing at the basics of governing, millions of Americans are now unable to go where they want to go.

As far as Afghanistan, this soulless cretin didn’t even have the smarts or the basic human empathy to evacuate our civilians before removing our troops, and now the Taliban are holding hundreds of American hostages, including children.

If that’s not disturbing enough, this idiot can’t even keep our store shelves stocked.

When it comes to the supply chain, I’m not so terribly worried about the fact that our consumer culture (which I am a member of) might not be able to spend a lot of money on shit they don’t need this year. However, I am worried about the small businesses that count on full shelves during the Christmas season to make their year.

All these anti-science lockdowns have already rocked small businesses, and now that much of the country is finally free again, Biden and his idiot transportation secretary, the in-way-way-in-over-his head Pete Butt-Edge-Edge, have completely bungled that.

Getting us our stuff is one of the basics of government. If you can’t do that, what good are you?

Americans want their stuff!

What’s more, the sight of empty store shelves is quite unsettling.

This apocalyptic vibe is not supposed to be part of the American way of life, especially during the holidays.

Americans get it, which is why Biden’s poll numbers — despite billions of dollars in corporate media propaganda to protect him — are sinking in the toilet.

No amount of CNNLOL lies can overcome the pit we all feel in our stomachs when we see the cost of a gallon of gas, or empty shelves, or the rationing (purchase limits) on things like toilet paper.

No amount of New York Times, NPR, and Washington Post lies can erase the fact that children are still in Afghanistan who cannot get out, which makes them hostages.

No amount of NBC, CBS, PBS, or ABC lies can paper over the fact that prices on everything are spiking.

You can sense it. You can sense that there is something very, very wrong. And when Americans see things like cargo ships backed up in Long Beach, they wonder, “Why can’t this be fixed with overnight shifts, overtime pay, and more hiring? That’s what I would be expected to do at my job. Why isn’t this happening, and why was it allowed to get this bad?”

Yes, Americans can live without buying a lot of crap they don’t really need this Christmas, but what they can’t live with is the dread, is the foreboding, is the sick feeling that something is terribly, terribly wrong.