Superman Comics See Huge Downturn in Sales After Introducing ‘Woke’ Ideals

Superman is no longer flying off the shelves following their pivot toward the main character becoming a climate activist, advocate for illegal immigration, and engaging in a homosexual romance.

  • Superman comics saw a big downturn in sales after the main character became aggressive in progressive ideology, according to The Washington Times.   
  • “Superman: Son of Kal-El” who is the son of the original Superman, became a climate activist, advocates for illegal immigrants in the recent comic.
  • The child of Superman also began dating a male reporter after taking over the family business, according to John F. Trent of the Washington Times. 
  • In response to the new storyline, the classic comic didn’t make the top 50 list for comics sold in its new run, missing the coveted list by five spots.
  • This lack of sales is considered “unprecedented” for the Man of Steel comic.
  • The series, featuring Johnathan Kent, has only sold 68,800 copies since it debuted in July, according to Fox Business.
  • According to sales tracking website ICv2 the series had even worse results than Batman and Dark Knights of Steel, which was widely considered a big failure.
  • “Superman” #1 sold 133,700 copies in 2018, “Superman: Rebirth” #1 sold 118,434 copies, “Superman” #1 sold 105,380 copies in June 2016, and “Superman” #1 sold 118,376 copies in September 2011, according to Fox Business.
  • Interest began to slip away when DC Comics Publisher Jim Lee announced a change in branding from the motto “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” to “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.”