‘Suddenly I Cannot Train, I Cannot Play’: Tennis Pro, 34, Ends Season After Covid Vaccine Left Him With ‘Violent Pain’

Tennis pro Jeremy Chardy, 34, says he may never play the sport again after Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine reportedly left him suffering major bouts of pain.

Speaking to Agence-France Presse, the French 2020 olympian explained he began experiencing violently painful, debilitating health effects immediately after taking the vaccine.

“Since I had my vaccine (between the Olympics and the US Open), I have had a problem, I’ve had a series of struggles. Suddenly, I cannot train, I cannot play,” the former top 30 player revealed last week.

“Chardy said he was suffering from movement-limiting pain,” reports TennisMajors.com, with RT.com detailing he described “violent, near-paralyzing pains across his body since taking the jab.”

Chardy, World Number 73, also complained there’s too little research into side effects of the rushed experimental vaccine, and is worried he doesn’t know when he’ll be able to return to playing.

“I don’t know what to do,” the Davis cup winner said. “The problem is that we have no hindsight on the vaccine. There are people who had similar [side-effects], but the durations [of the issues] were really different.”

In quotes obtained by RT.com, Chardy admitted he regrets taking the vaccine:

“In my head, it’s difficult because I do not know how long it will last. For the moment, my season is stopped and I do not know when I will resume.

“It’s frustrating because I started the year really well, I was playing really well. And then I went to the Games, where I felt great too.

“And now my season is at a standstill and I do not know when I will resume. It is especially frustrating that I do not have ten years to play… suddenly, now I regret having had the vaccine, but I could not know [what the consequences would be].”

Chardy says the pain has left him feeling he could retire as early as next year.

“I’m 35 in February, so right now I might be a little bit negative – but it’s the first time that I have thought that next season might be my last… it’s difficult because I was having fun and I wanted to play longer.

In the meantime, the tennis pro says he’ll take time to make sure he’s okay and plans to take care of himself before returning to the court.

“Now I have been to see two doctors, I have done some tests so I know what I have and the most important thing is to take care of myself,” said Chardy.

“I even prefer to take more time to take care of myself and be sure that, in the future, I will not have any problem, rather than trying to get back on the court as quickly as possible and finding myself still having health problems,” he said.