Stuffing Infrastructure Bill with Green New Deal, ‘Liberal Wish List’ Will Not Garner GOP Support

Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA), the House Republican chief deputy whip, told Breitbart News in an exclusive statement Friday that Democrats stuffing the $2.5 trillion coronavirus bill would not garner Republican support for the legislation.

President Joe Biden said Friday he expects to get support from Republicans on the American Jobs Plan, or what Ferguson calls “Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan.”

Biden said:

 I think we’re going to be able to get — I’m hoping we will have some bipartisan support across the board. I’ve already spoken to some of my Republican colleagues about dealing with the infrastructure legislation we have up there, as well as other budget items. So we’re going to work on seeing if we can get some bipartisan support across the board here.

As the GOP deputy whip, Ferguson is well tapped into the sentiment within the House Republican Conference. Ferguson said the infrastructure bill fails to revitalize America’s infrastructure while funding leftist priorities such as the Green New Deal.

“Under President Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan, less than six percent of the $2 trillion bill would go to roads and bridges, less than two percent toward improving our nation’s waterways, locks, dams, ports, and airports, and less than five percent would be used to improve broadband access,” the Georgia Republican said. “Shockingly, more than 75 percent of the funds are reserved for yet another liberal wish list – including much of the Green New Deal – unrelated to the issue at hand.”