Study Finds Almost 200 Banks Could Collapse

A study from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) revealed that 186 banks could collapse if half of their uninsured depositors withdraw their funds.

The study analyzed banks’ asset books and concluded there is roughly a $2 trillion difference in their market value.

SSRN also found that uninsured depositors are a primary source of funding for banks, consisting of almost $9 trillion of bank liabilities.

In other words, if an American citizen requested to withdraw their money, banks would be at risk of collapse and endanger an estimated $300 billion in insured deposits.

Reporting from Breitbart:

The banking system is made up of 100 percent paper assets. Money, stocks, bonds, mortgages, contracts, futures, etc. All paper. Just like during the Great Depression, we could all wake up one day to find our paper asset values cut in half—or worthless. With $31 trillion of debt, could that happen again?