Strong Support For Secession In Texas And Other States: SurveyUSA Polling

A majority of people in Texas and half the people in Louisiana want their states to peacefully break off from the increasingly corrupt federal United States government, according to polling data released by SurveyUSA. A full sixty percent of Texans would support secession, while half of Louisianians would support it, according to the numbers. Meanwhile, pro-secession sentiment is competitive with Tory sentiment in states including Alabama and Mississippi.

An increasing number of Americans are questioning whether peaceful succession is the most viable option going forward.

The U.S. government has laid out radically different prosecuting and sentencing standards for protests depending on political affiliation. This, along with vaccine mandates, have led to a growing number of Americans asking these questions.

Leaders of both major parties have also embraced a “Red Flag” gun-confiscation while the federal government is effectively allowing the Southern Border to remain open.

SurveyUSA stated: “Each of the six southern state surveys began with respondents being asked if they would support their state peacefully becoming an independent country along with other conservative states. While a majority of Texans like the idea, with 60% saying yes (32% say “definitely yes,” 28% say “yes”), results in the other states are less positive. Louisianans are evenly split; 50% say yes, 49% no; in the other four states, majorities oppose, with “no” and “definitely no” leading by 6 points in Alabama, by 8 in Mississippi, by 10 in Florida, and by 13 points in South Carolina.”