Stew Peters Show: Harvard, Johns Hopkins Admit COVID Jabs KILL, 98% More Dangerous Than Virus

“Experts” at top institutions have released a study showing that COVID jabs and mandates are deadly, but big government and the press have ignored their findings.

Harvard’s top vaccine expert and a team from Johns Hopkins and Oxford, among other elite institutions, have admitted that COVID jabs kill and are up to 98% more dangerous than the virus itself, nationally-syndicated broadcaster Stew Peters has reported. The admission came by way of quietly released scientific papers that have been ignored by jab pushers and weren’t covered by corporate media but were brought to light in a recent broadcast of the Stew Peters Show.

A new paper titled “COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: A risk-benefit assessment and five ethical arguments against mandates at universities,” represents a frantic “back peddling” effort by the “experts” and institutions at the center of phony COVID and vaccine science, Peters reported.

But “don’t expect to hear anything about it from the press.”

“Harvard University’s top guy for global health delivery – in other words – their top vaccine expert, is telling people that forcing young people to take COVID jabs is up to 98% worse than just letting them be exposed to the virus since the virus poses basically zero threat to them.”

In addition to Harvard Medical School’s top COVID-19 vaccine expert, the paper’s co-authors include a professor at Oxford and two Johns Hopkins professors.

The sudden admission of “experts” and researchers employed by top vaccine-pushing institutions comes after two years of governments enforcing their phony COVID science on their citizens, oftentimes at gunpoint.

Stew Peters was joined in his alarm-sounding segment by Steve Kirsch who, along with Peters, has been a leading voice against vaccine tyranny.

“All these experts have been hush-hush about the vaccines until now,” Kirsch said. “It’s so blatant, they’ve decided that they’re better off being on the right side of history and acknowledging it now because it is so obvious you can’t hide it anymore.”

Despite the open admission from Harvard on COVID jab dangers and mandate uselessness by top “experts” on the matter, academia, the federal government, and the press have ignored the data and continue to push a “safe and effective” vaccine narrative on the American people.

“The press gets no pass from me. No excuses, no pass,” Peters said, blasting corporate media for failing to do their jobs and report on publicly available data.”

“They know it’s there and they are still perpetuating a ‘safe and effective’ narrative which is a complete lie and it’s leading to people dying,” said Peters.

Watch the full Stew Peters Show segment below:

In the following segment of The Stew Peters Show, Dr. Paul Alexander, who served on President Trump’s COVID response team, joined Peters to discuss disturbing vaccine danger admissions from the CDC.

As the big government disease agency was forced to admit, half of the COVID-jabbed children they’ve tracked have experienced a “systemic reaction” to the shot. In 6% of the cases, the reactions have left the kids severely handicapped.

Reporting by The National File.