State Assembly Republicans to Roll Out Cuomo Impeachment Resolution

Republicans in the New York State Assembly plan to introduce an impeachment resolution against embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday.

“We’re going to introduce this resolution because we believe the time has come,” New York State Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said during a press briefing Monday. “In order to lead this great state as governor, you need to have credibility and trust.

“And unfortunately, we feel the governor has lost that and now has an inability to lead,” Barclay added.

“There is been one bombshell after another,” he continued, citing the nursing home scandal and allegations from five women that Cuomo sexually harassed them.

“During the Watergate years, a bipartisan group of legislators went to see President {Richard] Nixon, and told him if he didn’t resign, they’d commence impeachment proceedings,” Barclay said, noting Sunday, “Gov. Cuomo, said I’m not resigning, and if you want to get rid of me, impeach me.

“We think now is the time to act, now is the time to commence impeachment.”

The New York Times, citing documents and interviews with six people with direct knowledge of the discussions who requested anonymity, reported that some of Cuomo’s senior aides were involved in rewriting the report to lower the death toll in nursing homes. The final report said 6,432 nursing home residents died of the virus, compared with nearly 10,000 in the initial unpublished report.

Cuomo is facing calls for his resignation over the nursing home scandal and sexual harassment allegations. New York Attorney General Letitia James is leading investigations into both issues.