Stacey Abrams’ Charity Under Investigation for ‘Financial Irregularities’

Georgia’s Secretary of State is reportedly investigating “financial irregularities” at the New Georgia Project, a voting-rights charity founded by Stacey Abrams.

According to individuals familiar with the matter who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon, the investigation was launched following the outlet’s reports on alleged financial mismanagement by former executives of the charity.

Accounting and legal experts have raised questions about the legality of the New Georgia Project’s latest tax filings, and the investigation will involve issuing subpoenas to parties affiliated with the charity.

The New Georgia Project, founded by Abrams in 2013, quickly became one of the nation’s leading voter registration groups.

It and its affiliated New Georgia Project Action Fund have raised a combined $54.7 million since 2020.

However, the Free Beacon found several discrepancies in the New Georgia Project’s financial disclosures, including a half-million-dollar consulting payment to a charity run in part by the brother of former New Georgia Project CEO Nsé Ufot, who was later fired for undisclosed reasons.

Additionally, the charity reported paying zero payroll taxes in 2020, which experts say is impossible without criminal activity.

While the New Georgia Project did not respond to a request for comment, a spokesman for the Georgia Secretary of State confirmed the investigation, but declined to provide further details.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Georgia Attorney General declined to comment on the matter.

It’s worth noting that the investigation comes amid a separate case by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission, which alleges that the voter registration group illegally worked to elect Abrams during her failed 2018 gubernatorial bid.