Spotify Adds COVID Consent Advisory Amid ‘Misinformation’ Concern

Spotify appears to be covering themselves following a disagreement about COVID-19 information by adding an advisory to podcasts that is meant to “combat misinformation.”

  • Spotify to add COVID-19 advisory to its podcasts following nationwide coverage of the streaming platform’s podcasts, according to The Epoch Times.
  • The platform made headlines when legendary singer Neil Young gave them an ultimatum, saying he wanted his music removed if they kept podcaster Joe Rogan on their service.
  • Young accused Rogan of spreading false information about coronavirus vaccines and “potentially causing death.”
  • Spotify choose to remove Neil Young’s music, allowing Rogan to continue on, despite frustrations over Rogan’s non-CDC compliant stance on COVID-19 and vaccinations.
  • Rogan is a comedian, actor, UFC commentator, and believed to be the number one podcaster in the world.
  • Rogan is believed to have a net worth of around $150 million, according to Investor Mint.
  • Rogan himself posted a response to the controversy talking about which episodes were the most controversial and addressing why he had them on his show.