Speaker Johnson Announces ‘Clean’ Israel Aid Package

The Republican-controlled House will take up a “clean, standalone” bill to deliver Israel additional aid this week, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) announced over the weekend.

“Given the Senate’s failure to move appropriate legislation in a timely fashion, and the perilous circumstances currently facing Israel, the House will continue to lead. Next week, we will take up and pass a clean, standalone Israel supplemental package,” Johnson said in a letter Saturday.

“During debate in the House and in numerous subsequent statements, Democrats made clear that their primary objection to the original House bill was with its offsets,” Johnson added. “The Senate will no longer have excuses, however misguided, against swift passage of this critical support for our ally.”

“The need to support our closest ally and our own forces in the region has never been more pressing, and many members of our Conference have urged immediate action.”

Johnson added that because the Senate “failed” to include the House in negotiations over a funding package, they have ousted the ability for consideration of future bills.

“While the Senate appears poised to finally release text of their supplemental package after months of behind closed doors negotiations, their leadership is aware that by failing to include the House in their negotiations, they have eliminated the ability for swift consideration of any legislation,” he said.