Southern California School District Bans CRT in 3-2 School Board Vote

Critical Race Theory is banned from Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified District following an April 5 vote by their school board.

  • The Placentia-Yorba Linda, California school board voted to ban Critical Race Theory from area schools during an April 5 board meeting.
  • According to a report by The Epoch Times, the vote came after months of discussion over CRT and hearing from board members and community representatives on both sides of the issue.
  • Board member Carrie Buck, who opposed the ban, claimed that the resolution was “politically driven” and would work to “ban and censor” making curriculum decisions that should be in the hands of educators.
  • Buck cited a list that had been circulating among parents that claimed there were 700 individuals against the ban and only 140 in favor of it.
  • Trustee Leandra Blades, who has championed the ban, contested Buck’s list citing a study conducted by the Orange County Board of Education which indicated the opposite.
  • According to the study, 75% of PYL district members believe CRT should not be taught in schools, with only 19% supporting the ideology.
  • Blades also contested the argument that CRT was not commonly taught in public schools, saying that her children were taught it in their curriculum on multiple occasions saying they recognized communist teachings in the curriculum.
  • Blades, one of the trustees who has consistently advocated for the ban, said she believes the change will allow students to be taught textbook definitions rather than political positions: “Things in California can change if they begin at a local level which is why we need local control,” Blades told The Epoch Times.
  • “Three of my kids have been taught CRT, and that has been in the last five years,” Blades said. “In 2017 and 2018, we didn’t know what Critical Race Theory was; we thought they were just teaching communism.”
  • A local mom said in a statement to American Faith about the ban, “At the board meeting, it was disappointing to see how many young students, high school and college, were speaking in favor of CRT with such a skewed understanding of what it really is. The very things that they feared would happen if we ban CRT, are actually the very things that will happen if we allow it.”
  • The 3–2 vote Tuesday evening came following months of discussion over the theory, which divides society into oppressors and oppressed based on race.
  • Since news of the decision, broke Blades said she has received requests from multiple school boards hoping to pass the same measure who requested a copy of the successful resolution.