Southern California Parents to Rally Jan 18 Against School District COVID Mandates: ‘Parent Choice & Medical Freedom’

“Demand the district stand behind their claim to support parental choice.”

  • Parents of children attending schools in the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) in Southern California will gather Tuesday, Jan 18, at 9:30 am to promote parental choice and medical freedom against the district’s heavy Covid-19 policies, according to local parents and event flyers circulating on social media.
  • The gathering will be held at the PYLUSD District Office at 1301 E. Orangethorpe Ave. in Placentia, California, according to the flyer.
  • Local parents who want to be able to make health and medical decisions for their children say they are struggling with the district’s severe Covid-19 mandates.
  • “Come support parent choice at PYLUSD,” the flyer says. Gather “to support parental choice and medical freedom.” “Demand the district to stand behind their claim to support parental choice,” it goes on to say.
  • Parents are even reporting school principals are forcing their children to wear more restrictive masks “even though there is no written policy on the PYLUSD webpage or in the student handbook,” according to one parent whose daughter attends an elementary school in the district, and even though the child had already been wearing a mask that was in compliance with the original policy.
  • “We are desperately fighting to get our kids in school without masks, and several families are clashing with the district,” the parent went on to say.
  • “The most important thing is that I am the one making medical decisions for my child based on their individual health background,” the parent told American Faith. “I don’t think that the school district should have a one size fits all approach to mask mandates when each child is so different. It should be left up to the parents and the child’s medical practitioner.”
  • A PYLUSD school board president abruptly ended a Jan. 11 meeting after parents refused to mask up amid a mesh mask prohibition debate that threatened the expulsion of a sixth-grade student, The Epoch Times reports.
  • The parents are working to file a lawsuit against the district, alleging their son, upon returning from winter break, was not allowed to go to school with a mesh mask and needed a medical mask, or cloth mask, even though mesh masks were not explicitly prohibited in the state or district masking guidelines for K–12, the report goes on to say.