Soros Funding ‘Redskins’ Team Name Change

The debate surrounding the historic name and logo of the Washington NFL team, formerly known as the “Redskins,” has been reignited with recent revelations of financial links to globalist billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), a vocal critic of the Redskins name, has been found to receive support from Soros’ Open Society Foundations, known for supporting left-leaning causes.

This financial connection has led to renewed discussions about motives and the broader cultural impact of such mascot removals.

According to, the NCAI is also backed by other prominent left-wing foundations, including the Ford Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

In addition to that, the NCAI has secured over $26 million in funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Eunice Davidson, president of the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA), expressed concerns about the implications of these financial ties.

“The timing [of the two groups’ statements] is very coincidental,” Davidson commented.

She further added, “This whole group [the NCAI] is out there banning names and images. That’s how you erase a culture. You forget about people if you don’t see them after a while.”

The NCAI’s website states its position clearly: “Unsanctioned sports mascots are symbols of disrespect that degrade, mock and harm Native people, particularly Native youth.”

Larry Wright Jr., the NCAI executive director, reaffirmed this stance by saying, “The use of unsanctioned themed sports mascots perpetuates harm and dehumanizes our citizens.”

In contrast, NAGA argues that the NCAI doesn’t represent the majority opinion among Native Americans.

Davidson mentioned the refusal of the Washington NFL team’s new owners to engage with NAGA, stating, “They never tell our story and that’s their goal. To wipe out Native history.”

NAGA recently sent a letter to the Commanders’ management, emphasizing the importance of the franchise’s historical ties to Native American culture and their wish to see it celebrated.

The Washington NFL team was originally named after the 17th-century Lenni Lenape chief Tamanend, or “Tammany,” who was recognized as the “Patron Saint of America” by the Founding Fathers.

This history is rich with multicultural significance, with supporters arguing that the name and logo symbolize pride and diversity.

However, as the debate heats up, some fear that valuable narratives are getting lost.

Andre Billeaudeaux, author of “How the Redskins Got Their Name,” remarked, “The Redskins were the only minority representation in the entire NFL and it was a real person, not a mascot.”

Billeaudeaux further noted the name’s roots in a revered Native American tradition where warriors would paint themselves with bloodroot, labeling efforts to erase this legacy as “toxic ignorance.”