Some Texas Roads Are Melting in Excessive Heat

Drivers told to expect delays.

  • Roadways in some areas of East Texas have begun to melt in the seemingly unrelenting heat, according to local news.
  • The Texas Department of Transportation announced Monday that they found melting roads on several state highways and town thoroughfares.
  • Local road crews have begun cutting off traffic as much as possible and pouring water on the roads to minimize the damage.
  • Temperatures in the eastern part of the state were in the upper 90s in the days leading up to the roadway damage.
  • Heat indexes were also unseasonably high, reaching close to 110 degrees in the week leading up to Father’s Day weekend.
  • Texas Heritage For Living released information about how travelers can handle damaged roadways in the Texas heat.
  • Buckling roads is the most common, when interlocking areas contract and then expand, causing protrusions, and should be avoided when possible.
  • The heating roadways are also likely to cause blowouts as high air inside tires expands due to friction with the hat road.
  • Texas heat is expected to actually reach triple digits on Monday, the first day of summer, and rise to as much as 104 in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in the next few days.
  • Residents have been warned of elevated fire threats and are recommended to keep hydrated and bring pets and plants indoors, as well as monitor elderly neighbors.
  • Electric Reliability Council of Texas announced that it expects to hit a record peak demand of 77,317 megawatts this summer, breaking last week’s record for electricity demand of 74,917 megawatts.