Social justice activist claims police K9’s nickname was ‘hurting people in the community’

Having the same nickname as a famous rapper is apparently not OK

Following complaints from a black rights activist, an Oregon police department has changed the name of a K9 police dog that shared a nickname with rapper “Lil’ Kim.”

The dog, a Belgian Malinois shepherd, was given the nickname “Lil’ Kim” as a reference to her smaller size, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting. “Lil’ Kim” is the stage name of Kimberly Jones, a Grammy-award winning hip-hop musician.

But Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz said the K9 will only be called by her actual name, Kim, moving forward, after he met with a local activist — Riccardo Waites, founder of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly — who claimed the dog’s nickname is “hurting people in the community.”

In fact, Waites emailed Krantz earlier in March explaining exactly why the dog’s nickname was unacceptable