‘Skillet’ Lead Singer Warns Christians About Cancel Culture

Lead singer for the band “Skillet” warns that more chaos is coming at the hands of “cancel culture.”

  • Rock star John Cooper, the lead singer for the band “Skillet” said that he finds the world’s changes since COVID-19 to be “scary.”
  • The singer also said that things will likely get worse with American “cancel culture” on the rise, according to the account of his interview with FaithWire.
  • Cooper also said that Christians should not mistake the fact that there are those who want them and their moral values gone in an interview about his new album “Dominion.”
  • The singer also attempted to encourage the audience by reminding them that the world does not belong to the devil.
  • “The world does not belong to the devil. The world does not belong to the state,” Cooper said. “The world does not belong to anybody else except for Jesus Christ, who is the King of Kings. The Bible says that He is sitting at the right hand of the Father, ruling in the midst of His enemies.”
  • “We are right in the middle of this shift and what is happening is that the core values of America that we used to believe in are shifting to an incredible degree,” he said. “And now there are people who come out saying, ‘Hey, you people that have those old values that we would call Christian values … those values are no longer acceptable.’”
  • “We are not shaken because our God is not shaken,” he said. “We don’t have to be afraid because our God is still in control.”
  • “Their first things are different. They don’t like the idea of authority of Scripture,” he said. “They do not like the idea of hell, because what that means is that we are doing things that we need to repent for.”
  • Cooper said he believes that Christians are attempting to adjust to a “new world” and that his album is attempting to address the increasing difficulties that have come with the adjustment. 
  • The singer said he believes Music is a great way to bring a message to people because it can soften them and allow them to accept things that they wouldn’t normally listen to.
  • Cooper made his comments as part of his 33-minute discussion that can be here. The group’s new album “Dominion” can be heard here.