‘Significantly High’ Number of Dems Worried About Biden’s Mental Lapses

Joe Biden’s mental lapses are part of the White House routine by this point.

After a career of verbal gaffes and stumbles, in recent days there’s been mounting evidence of deterioration.

Just this week, he held out his hand to shake Chuck Schumer’s hand – only seconds after they’d already shaken hands.

Now according to a new report, even a “significantly high” number of Democrats are losing faith in him.

According to Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column in the Washington Examiner, “Images of President Joe Biden reaching to shake hands when nobody is there and constant videos showing him mumbling are weighing on the public, raising concerns about his mental health, especially among Democrats that have to decide on voting to reelect him in 2024.”

He cited the Issues & Insights/TIPP survey that explained, “Among Democrats, for instance, just 39% of Democrats say they are worried about Biden’s mental condition, versus 82% of Republicans and 56% of independents. But that 39% of Democrats, while not a majority, is still significantly high.”

The polling report continued, “The fact is, based on these polling data, there is genuine concern among virtually all groups over Biden’s cognitive health. It has taken on political urgency with the looming 2022 midterm elections, which, if Republicans prevail, could well turn Biden into a lame duck.”

The poll found overall, 59% of the 1,335 adults who responded said they are “concerned” about Biden’s mental abilities. Of that, 36% are “very concerned.”

Other polling has shown that huge numbers of Americans want Biden to take a cognitive test – like the one President Donald Trump aced – and reveal the results.

Multiple times Biden has been on stage and has turned to one side, extending his hand as if to shake hands, when there is no one there.

Reporting from World Net Daily.