‘Sick Is the New Normal’ for Today’s Kids, Pediatrician Says

Author and pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro discusses the impact of environmental toxins and genetically modified foods on children’s health in an interview with Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., founder, Alliance for Natural Health International.

Dr. Michelle Perro is a renowned, California-based pediatrician of some 40 years standing. She began her career in acute care, where she went on to run an emergency department and then to work with sexual assault and abuse victims, including children.

But Perro’s professional life changed dramatically in 2006. A parent of a patient introduced her to the impact to a child’s health caused by environmental toxicants and genetically modified foods which ignited her deep passion for making change. Michelle Perro hasn’t looked back since.

Perro’s book, “What’s Making Our Children Sick?,” co-authored with Vincanne Adams Ph.D. in 2018, was prompted by her horror of the change in the landscape of children’s health. It offers a “bird’s eye view” of the effects of genetically modified organisms and associated pesticides on her patient’s health and what then goes wrong.

Perros is is also a co-founder and executive director of GMO Science, a science-based website focusing on the relationships between genetic modification, environmental toxicants and health. You can also find her column, “Pediatric Pearls,” in the integrative journal, The Townsend Letter.

Perro’s newest project is linked to the launch of a new website expected in July 2021. The project will include a weekly zoom meeting aimed at empowering parents to take back the health of their children and community. Her intent is to reach more parents who need her support and vast expertise wherever they may be in the world. The new initiative will be a membership program with barriers to access removed for the financially challenged.