‘She Was in the Middle of Having an Abortion’: Daily Wire Reporter Joins Laura Ingraham to Discuss Gruesome Reports of D.C. Abortion Clinic

Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewed Daily Wire reporter Mary Margaret Olohan Friday night over Olohan’s recent investigation into a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic. The clinic, headed by Dr. Cesare Santangelo, allegedly attempted to ship the dead bodies of 110 pulverized babies, plus the bodies of five preemie-sized babies, to a waste facility.

As Olohan reported earlier this week, pro-life activists with the group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) allegedly discovered and obtained a box with fetal remains inside as it was being sent from the Washington Surgi-Clinic to a waste facility in Baltimore. Pro-life group Live Action photographed five of the babies, and medical professionals determined they had died at either near the end of the 2nd trimester or in the 3rd trimester. 

(Warning: images are graphic and disturbing.)

“Where’s the outcry of what’s being done to these poor little babies?” Ingraham prefaced before reminding viewers of Biden’s silence on the issue despite his “adherence” to the Catholic faith. She then asked Olohan to explain her findings on the D.C. abortion clinic.

“I never expected in a million years to see what I saw yesterday,” Olohan told Ingraham. “It will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.” Olohan went on to explain how she went to the abortion clinic of Santangelo to get some answers on the alleged box of fetal remains found. She was not able to meet with the abortionist as clinic workers told her he wasn’t there. “I have reason to believe they were lying,” Olohan told Ingraham. However, Olohan was able to talk with someone else: a woman getting an abortion at the clinic.

“I bumped into a woman who told me she was in the middle of having an abortion right then and there,” Olohan explained. The woman was with a man who Olohan said looked like he was crying. The woman was in pain and told Olohan, “I’m having an abortion right now.”

At that moment, a clinic worker came out and told the woman having an abortion not to talk to Olohan.

After the incident, Olohan was struck with the severity of what she just witnessed. “This woman was having an abortion, was in the middle of it,” she said. “I talked to pro-life doctors who told me later she was in the beginning stages and she was about to head in there for an induction abortion, and the abortionist had kind of set it up for it to be easier to get the baby.”

In a piece published Friday, Olohan explained that D.C. officials have disregarded the alleged malpractice of Santangelo and his abortion clinic. Officials have even shown more concern for the actions of PAAU than for the 100 dead babies allegedly found in a box being shipped to a waste facility that claims they do not dispose of fetal remains. “Officials have said that autopsies will not be performed,” she reported. “Authorities will not address whether the five babies were alive when they were extracted.”

In a follow-up investigative piece published Friday, Olohan wrote, “This week, GOP lawmakers called on Mayor Bowser and the Department of Justice to investigate the abortions of the five babies and ‘to preserve all of the children’s remains as evidence and conduct autopsies.’ And yet, D.C. officials remain silent.”

PAAU believes Santangelo may be breaking the law if he is providing partial birth abortions and allowing babies who have been born alive to die in his clinic.

Reporting by The Daily Wire.