‘She-Hulk’ Director Says Project Was Meant to Be a Sex-Positive Show For Kids

The sexualized show is on Disney Plus.

  • The director of Disney Plus’s Marvel spin-off show, “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” admits that she wanted to make a sex-positive show for kids.
  • The progressive publication Polygon described the program saying “She-Hulk is easily one of the horniest shows currently streaming on Disney Plus.”
  • The director said that her goal was to deliver a show that could appeal to younger audiences, saying that she received voicemails from 9-year-olds about the show.
  • “The thing I always loved about the show were the smaller moments and being able to see a superhero coming home and kicking her shoes off after a long day at work,” Coiro says.
  • The director explained her position, saying, “We always felt like there was a fear around sex and around the idea of sex positivity,” Coiro says. “So it was our job to keep having the conversation. We wanted to say, Look, she’s a woman in her 30s navigating modern life; sex is a part of that story, and [ask] how far could we go.”
  • Maslany was game to take the character there. “I know it’s something that’s very important to her, this idea of sex positivity and kind of smashing the rules when it comes to women and the way that they’re perceived. A lot of the conversations about sexualization in the show came from Tatiana, and were with Tatiana.”
  • Disney recently announced that drag queen Shea Coulee will be playing a role in its new Marvel superhero TV show “Ironhart,” a story about an Iron Man-like Superhero. The show will include Zoe Terakes, a “non-binary” actress.
  • While the show isn’t Disney’s only series promoting new gender identities, it is being kept under wraps what role the transgender person will play.
  • Previously Disney executives have been clear about their “not-so-secret gay agenda” and efforts to add “queerness” to children’s programming.