Sharp decline in U.S. birthrate worrying to Church leaders

(Crux) When Auxiliary Bishop Jorge Rodríguez of Denver moved to the U.S. from Europe, one thing that made the country “exceptionally beautiful” was the number of families with multiple children spending time together, a distinction he fears might be slipping away.

Rodríguez’s concern stems from a new report from the Center of Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics published earlier this week that shows the number of births in the U.S. last year declined for the sixth consecutive year to 3,605,201 – a four percent drop from 2019 and the lowest number since 1979.

“When a generation does not have enough children, we will not be able to guarantee the future and what the world will look like for our children and grandchildren in terms of societal consequences,” Rodríguez told Crux via email. “Even worse: The decrease of births means a decrease in our capacity to love and to cherish life. That is very scary.”