Senator Paul Ditches YouTube for Rumble

“About half of the public leans right. If we all took our messaging to outlets of free exchange, we could cripple Big Tech in a heartbeat,” Paul announced in an op-ed.

  • Sen. Rand Paul’s move comes amidst more censorship efforts on behalf of Google, attempting to take down Joe Rogan’s interviews with medical experts Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone, solely from questioning the viability and logic of mass vaccination.
  • Twitter banned Dr. Malone and sitting Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for “repeated violations” of its Covid misinformation policy.
  • The Senator described the partnership of corporate media and big tech as a “Medieval church” calling opinions that differ from the established narrative too “dangerous” for people to be subjected to.
  • “An entire generation of young people, who use these platforms exclusively for their news, will never read or hear of opinions or ideas that challenge the Big Government / Big Tech orthodoxy,” the Senator stated.

“Sure, I can get millions of views. But why should I allow anonymous ‘fact-checkers’ to censor my fully sourced, fact-based content?” Paul asked, adding, “They don’t want to challenge or debate me with opposing views, they just want my silence.”

“A hallmark of the scientific method is to challenge and disprove a hypothesis. Yet we have abandoned science and rational debate for an almost religious adherence to the edicts of government bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci. To challenge the data is to be ‘denier’ or ‘conspiracist’ who must be silenced.”

  • The move spurred podcast giant Rogan to set up a GETTR account in anticipation of censorship intensifying at Twitter.
  • Joe Rogan said on his podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ episode 1757 with Dr. Robert Malone, that government, Big Pharma, mainstream media, and Big Tech are all on the same page when it comes to messaging and censorship in regards to Covid-19 and vaccines.