Senate GOP Hires Firm to Audit Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election

Pennsylvania Senate Republicans said Friday they’ll pay up to $270,000 over the next six months to have an Iowa consulting firm examine the 2020 election.

  • The Pennsylvania Senate, which is controlled by Republicans, will spend up to $270,000 to probe the outcome of the state’s 2020 presidential election.
  • A contract, which has not been made public yet, was agreed upon by Senate Majority Leader Kim Ward (R) and Envoy Sage, a company from Iowa, to conduct a “forensic investigation” of the election results, Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee spokesman Jason Thompson announced Friday, The Associated Press reported.
  • The contract will be made public in redacted form in the coming days, according to committee spokesperson Jason Thompson.
  • “The goal is to determine what flaws exist in our election system and to fix them through legislation,” Thompson said Friday.
  • Republicans on a Pennsylvania Senate committee voted Wednesday to issue subpoenas for information including personal details about each of the state’s 6.9 million voters, Forbes reports.
  • The Republican-controlled Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee voted 7-4 to issue subpoenas to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration concerning the state’s elections and voter rolls.