Sen. John Fetterman Tells College Protesters to ‘Reevaluate Things’

Democratic Senator John Fetterman is urging college students and faculty members protesting the Israel-Hamas war to “reevaluate things” as protests spread on university campuses nationwide.

“If a homicidal, Iranian-funded, terrorism proxy wants to pick up your college education tab, you really, really might want to reevaluate things,” Fetterman said in a post on X.

The comment came after Sana’a University in Yemen released a statement condemning the way the pro-Palestinian protesters have been treated in the United States and inviting them to join their institution.

“These actions have unmasked the true nature of those regimes that falsely claim to uphold democracy and respect human rights and dignity,” Sana’a University council said. “In solidarity with these protests and demonstrations, and as a practical stance in support, Sana’a University opens its doors in all its specializations to welcome, with the utmost appreciation, honor, and respect, all academics and students who have been unjustly dismissed from their institutions.”

“We extend our warmest welcome and utmost respect to these individuals, offering them a safe haven within our academic community,” they said, providing an email address for those interested in the offer.

Last month, the University of Florida threatened pro-Palestinian student demonstrators with suspension and banishment from campus for three years in a letter if they violate any of the rules put in place regarding protests.

Some of the rules included prohibiting protesters from using bullhorns or speakers to amplify their voices, possessing weapons or protesting inside buildings on campus.

The university said it permitted activities included “speech,” “expressing viewpoints” and “holding signs in hands.”

Other prohibited activities included littering, camping or use of tents, sleeping bags or pillows, and blocking anyone’s path. 

The letter was not signed or dated but indicated it was sent from the university’s Division of Student Life.