Sen. Hawley Introduces Bill Allowing States to Deport Illegal Immigrants

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation Tuesday that would allow states to fight unlawful immigration.

  • Senator Josh Hawley has introduced the “Empowering States to Deport Illegal Immigrants Act” that would grant states the right to enforce federal immigration laws, Fox News reported.
  • The act would provide states the ability to deport illegal immigrants and give border states the ability to secure the border on their own.
  • “If Joe Biden isn’t going to enforce immigration laws why don’t we let the states enforce immigration laws?” Hawley said during an interview last week. “Let’s take the gloves off here, let’s enforce the law, let’s restore order to the border.”
  • Additionally, the legislation would allow prosecutors in a state to initiate violations for those who break federal immigration law.

“The State of Texas would love to, the states of Florida, Arizona, they’d love to enforce immigration laws. Let’s let them do it, let’s let them secure the border, let’s let them deport illegal immigrants according to our laws,” Hawley said.

  • According to the Biden administration, the border is “secure” and the White House has said it is re-establishing legal asylum processes that are in accordance with United States law.
  • Republicans, however, have highlighted the millions of illegal immigrants who have come into the country over the past year, as well as the more than half a million “gotaways” believed to have made their way across the border.
  • Governors in Florida and Texas have taken it upon themselves to begin transporting migrants to liberal cities such as Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City, which all claim to be “sanctuary jurisdictions” for illegal immigrants.