Sen. Cotton Decries Death-Row Murderers Getting Stimulus Checks

Death-row murderers and terrorists are getting $1,400 stimulus checks from the package passed by the Senate on Saturday, Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., tweeted in condemnation.

Cotton wrote:

“Dylann Roof murdered nine people. He’s on federal death row. He’ll be getting a $1,400 stimulus check as part of the Democrats’ ‘COVID relief’ bill.”

In a subsequent tweet, Cotton added:

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber, murdered three people and terrorized a city. He’ll be getting a $1,400 stimulus check as part of the Democrats’ ‘COVID relief’ bill.”

And in a third rebuke, Cotton tweeted:

“Aaron Shamo was sentenced to life in prison for selling ‘1 million fentanyl-laced fake oxycodone pills to unsuspecting buyers.’ He’ll be getting a $1,400 stimulus check while in prison from the Democrats’ ‘COVID relief’ bill.”

Cotton’s rebuke came after Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., proposed an amendment that the checks should not go to inmates, but Senate Democrats voted it down 50-49.

Cotton also rejected the provisions that permits a $1,400-per-week check to federal employees who refuse to send their kids to school.

“They’re going to give a lot of Americans a $1,400 check,” Cotton told Fox News last week. “Federal employees are going to get that same check. They’re also going to get $1,400 a week, every single week, if their kids aren’t in school.

“So if you’re working in the middle of the country hard to make a living, you get one $1,400 payment once. If you’re a federal bureaucrat in Washington where your schools are still closed, you get one every single week. Talk about the swamp looking out for itself.”

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