Second IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward in Biden Probe After Case Investigators Expelled

A second whistleblower involved with the Hunter Biden investigation has come forward following the expulsion of the IRS team leading the probe.

The first whistleblower alleged Biden administration appointees within the Department of Justice (DOJ) interfered with the investigation to block charges against Hunter Biden.

The latest whistleblower notified Congress of alleged DOJ corruption after the department removed him and his team from the Hunter Biden case.

Reporting from Breitbart:

“The ultimate decision to remove the investigatory team from [redacted] without actually talking with that investigatory team, in my opinion was a decision made not to side with the investigators but to side with the US Attorney’s office and Department of Justice who we have been saying for some time has been acting inappropriately,” the person wrote.


The first whistleblower supports much of the new whistleblower’s claims. According to the first whistleblower, “an assistant US attorney and an attorney for the DOJ’s tax division on Oct. 24, 2022, demanded from the IRS ‘all his emails related to the case’ and ‘made a similar request of the FBI,'” the New York Post reported.