Sean Feucht’s Let Us Worship Tour Returns To DC For 9/11 ‘Day Of Prayer For America’

In conjunction with the “Let Us Worship” tour, revivalist Sean Feucht is inviting all Christians to the nation’s Capitol for a National Day of Prayer on Saturday, September 11.

According to CBN News, Feucht has also asked America’s past four presidents to join in the event, and has hinted that Donald Trump may appear in a video cameo.

“I just feel like we’re in the middle of a leadership crisis in America,” he said, adding that having the former president deliver an address in which he calls on the nation to pray, remember the fallen, and salute members of the military is necessary to provide people with some reassurance that they are not alone in this struggle.

The event, dubbed “Day of Prayer for America,” was not intended to take place this month, according to Feucht, but God has a perfect plan.

“I didn’t want this day. When I asked the National Park Service for a permit just like we did last year, I wanted a date in October,” he said. “They came back to me and said, ‘Actually we can’t give you a date in October, the only dates we have available are September 11 and 12.’ And I knew in that moment this was a total God setup.”

CBN noted that last year’s worship gathering on the National Mall’s famous green lawn drew almost 35,000 people.

Feucht’s little daughter, who was also in attendance, reportedly stepped in front of the huge throng to pray for the revival.

Feucht also pointed out that he has received a lot of backlash since launching “Let Us Worship” more than a year ago. But despite the adversary employing a variety of spiritual attacks, Feucht maintains that Christ-followers are bound to faithfully proclaim the gospel.

“Anytime you’re going after something of the Kingdom, you’re going to get resistance,” he said, while pointing out that any opposition practically confirms that what he is doing is in line with God’s will.

Feucht also believes that America is experiencing a revival at the moment, and he intends to keep touring.

They have visited over 132 cities throughout America so far. Each concert tour attracts thousands of people, many of whom experience deliverance, healing, and redemption from their sins.

“We are in the middle of revival…We have to keep going until we see every promise of God fulfilled over our nation and the nations of this season,” he proclaimed.

While Feucht’s calling is as an itinerant preacher-revivalist, others have been tasked with covering more ground where they are. One of the most dramatic revivals recorded happened in California through Mario Murillo’s ministry. Hundreds were reportedly saved last month in Sacramento on the first night of Murillo’s tent crusade.

The Jesus Movement of the new millennium is happening right before your eyes,” Mario Murillo said, as hundreds rushed the altar at his Living Proof Sacramento Tent Crusade in California.

“I don’t want to lose this harvest. I want every single one of you who are on your feet that wants me to pray with you, that wants this miracle, to walk to the front and come to Jesus,” he said.