Sean Feucht Launching ‘Awaken America’ Revival Tour In Miami On New Year’s Eve

After spending 2021 touring the country for worship concerts, Sean Feucht is welcoming the upcoming year with a Christian event in Florida.

Feucht shared the news on social media. In a tweet, he said that the event will take place in Miami on Dec. 29 to 31, wherein the “Let Us Worship” team will hold a “JESUS March,” evangelism outreach, pop-up worship in the city and a gathering on New Year’s Eve. It will also be giving away groceries.

Speaking to CBN News, the worship leader stressed that believers have a responsibility to restore destroyed places.

“We have a call as worshippers to ‘rebuild the ancient ruins, they will restore the places long devastated, they will renew the ruined cities,'” he declared.

Moreover, he stated that the team aims to bring hope to cities in the country, currently suffering from various social issues.

“We are bringing the hope of Jesus to the broken cities across America … places like Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and more! Rising crime rates, exploding suicide rates, opioid crisis, rioting, and unrest has plagued our nation and it is time for the church to rise up!”

“We cannot hide any longer. We must gather in unity to bring healing, breakthrough and restoration!” Feucht added.

Awaken AMERICA coming to 13 cities in 2022! #LetUsWorship

— Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) December 17, 2021

In an interview with Fox News, Feucht echoed his sentiment to unite the country for the LORD.

“We just feel like God’s called us to come in and bring a movement of unity and hope and love – and also, at the same time, to say … we’re going to stand up for our right to worship. This is guaranteed in the Constitution, and it’s also our calling as believers in an hour when we need this more than anytime before.”

Further, he emphasized the connection between spiritual and political awakening, saying that as hearts are changed through Jesus, people begin to see others based on their values.

He went on to say that spiritual awakening causes cultural shift and “politics is downstream from culture.” Thus, as culture transforms, changes in the “political realm” will also be observed.

On the website, the “Let Us Worship” team unveiled its schedule for 2022, wherein it will be visiting 11 states, including Louisiana in March, North Carolina and California in April, Colorado in May, Illinois in June, Michigan in July, Washington and Idaho in August, Texas and Pennsylvania in September and New York in October.

Feucht also revealed that to support their plans in California, his family decided to relocate to the Orange County.

“We are SO EXCITED to announce that our family will be basing out of Southern CA (Orange County) for the next 6 months beginning NEXT WEEK!” he said.

However, he clarified that the move is merely temporary.

“We haven’t sold our Redding property as this is not yet a permanent move. This relocation will position us to better mobilize for all God has called us to in 2022 in our state!”

He argued that though Texas, Montana and Florida are better places, they felt that their work in California has yet to be completed.