Scientists Recommend Using ‘Pantyhose’ on Your Head to Create Better Seal for Masks

Peer-Reviewed Study indicates that one “hack” to keeping your mask fitting better is to put pantyhose on your head.

  • A study from the University of Cambridge released on Wednesday indicates that using pantyhose, tape and rubber bands was useful in making masks more effective. 
  • The study was published by Plos One Journals and indicates that while the hose causes “high levels” of discomfort and causes issues with speaking and sometimes seeing, it added more protection to the KN95 masks.
  • Motherboard reported on the study’s results saying that the results create a better seal around the masks which means more protection from COVID-19.
  • Of the plethora of methods attempted, using a section of pantyhose tested the best to create a difficult-to-permeate barrier.
  • According to The Gateway Pundit, pantyhose were just one of multiple methods tested, including taping the edges of the mask to the user’s face.
  • Additionally, scientists tested masks with the sides filled with gauze, binding the mask to the face with gauze, called the “mummy method,” and putting a knot in the ear loops. They also attempted to create a “brace” against the mouth with rubber bands.
  • All methods were tested using concentrations of particles inside and around the mask, according to Motherboard.
  • According to VICE, scientists began their research on testing how people can adjust masks in 2020, near the beginning of the pandemic.
  • The publication reported that the paper’s author stated that “comfort was a big issue” and that some of their methods hindered circulation to some areas, including the ears.