Scientist Says ‘No Lives Were Saved’ by COVID Vaccine

According to Canadian scientist Denis Rancourt “no lives were saved” by the COVID-19 vaccines.

From The Gateway Pundit:

After studying over a dozen countries in the southern hemisphere, the scientists concluded that after 13 and a half billion Covid vaccines that were given out worldwide, 17 million people lost their lives from vaccines alone. And the death rate data for the elderly was just shocking. Welcome to Frontline Health.

In a new report that’s yet to be peer reviewed, Canadian scientists looked at the pandemic from a thousand foot view. They wanted to see how much the pandemic affected all cause mortality. You see, the virus can kill in many ways, not just from the visible infection symptoms. If you want to find the real cause of death, you have to dissect each and every single person who died for any reason and looked at the body under a microscope.

Then you can see if they died from COVID or not.