Scientific American Essay Argues Declining Global Population Is ‘Good’ for the Environment

A recent essay published in Scientific American magazine argues that a decreasing global population is a positive development for the environment and the people remaining on Earth, Breitbart News points out.

The article, authored by Stephanie Feldstein, cites the United Nations’ predictions that the populations of numerous countries will decrease by 2050, describing this as “good news.”

Feldstein, who serves as the population and sustainability director at the Center for Biological Diversity, explains that fewer people require less food and energy, leading to a reduced strain on the planet’s resources.

Consequently, she asserts that “we should all be celebrating population decline.”

The essay emphasizes the negative consequences of overpopulation, which the work claims endanger wildlife habitats, ecosystems, and biodiversity.

Feldstein writes, “The loss of biodiversity is tragic in itself. A world without elephants, hellbender salamanders and the million other species at risk of extinction in the coming decades would be deeply impoverished.”

She further notes that the interconnected nature of ecosystems means that “when even a single thread is pulled from that tapestry, the entire system can unravel.”

The opinion piece suggests that humans must choose between population growth and the survival of the planet.

It highlights that “declining populations and ageing demographics” can assist governments in achieving their so-called climate change objectives.

Feldstein emphasizes the importance of merging “reproductive rights and gender equity movements” with the environmental movement, as “environmental toxicity, reproductive health and wildlife protection are deeply intertwined.”

Feldstein also highlights the significance of recent global predictions for climate change and the environment, which can serve as motivation to limit human population growth.

She quotes the United Nations’ reports, which call for “a rapid, just transition to renewable energy and sustainable food systems and a global commitment to halting human-caused extinctions now.”

She further explains that “population stabilization and decline will inevitably be achieved by centering human rights,” including guaranteeing access to reproductive healthcare, gender equity, and education for women and girls.

In conclusion, the essay implores readers to consider “the crises in front of us” and make decisions regarding family planning and population decline that will lead to “a future of sustainable abundance.”

This piece marks the second time in under a year that a call for a decrease in human population has been made by globalist advocates, Breitbart notes.