Science Magazine Admits COVID Vax Can Cause COVID-like Symptoms

A recent publication in admitted that the COVID-19 vaccine could cause some recipients to suffer symptoms very similar to getting the virus itself.

  • Science Magazine reported on Jan. 20 that there have been cases where the COVID-19 vaccine has caused COVID-like symptoms.
  • Brain fog, headaches, blood pressure swings and other symptoms are being investigated by the National Institute of Health and other researchers regarding the vaccine.
  •  Managing Editor for News at Science, John Travis, noted when he shared the article how “delicate” the reporting had to be.
  • According to Information Liberation’s report, Dr. Charles Hoffe had similar results to his observations six months ago and was under a gag order by the Canadian government over the issue.
  • Hoffe, however, claimed that there was a 62 percent instance of micro clots in patients where he administered post-vaccine diagnostic tests.
  • Even Science admitted that those who suffered side effects were being largely ignored, saying that they “welcome any attention to their plight.”
  •  “You have this ugly stain on you, and you’re marginalized and abandoned,” Brianne Dressen says about discovering she reacted badly to the vaccine. At first, “I was really afraid of causing vaccine hesitancy,” she adds.
  • These reactions were after the NIH reportedly attempted to help those with “postvaccine complications” but then abandoned them, according to Information Liberation’s report.
  • As vaccine mandates become more common, concerns grow about the adverse effects of the vaccine on some recipients.
  • World Net Daily reported early in January that one million adverse reactions to the vaccine have been logged with the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.
  • Some researchers believe that the actual reaction rates might be as much as five times higher with one Columbia University-led study leading to estimates that the COVID-19 vaccine-induced death rate might be as high as almost 400,000.