Sarah Palin Floats Big 2022 Possibility That Has Sen. Murkowski on Notice

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hinted at a potential Senate bid in the 2022 midterm elections to challenge Sen. Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska Republican who was one of a handful of GOP senators who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump after he left office.

Palin told New Apostolic Reformation leader Ché Ahn on July 22 that she would run to become a senator for Alaska “[i]f God wants me to do it,” according to footage shared by Right Wing Watch, a website of the liberal-left People for the American Way.

“I would say you guys better be there for me this time, because a lot of people were not there for me last time,” Palin told her audience, referring to her failed stint running for vice president when John McCain was running for president in 2008.

In her interview with Ahn on stage, Palin said “America was dedicated to God,” and that its “charters of liberty are written about and to God.”

The former governor cautioned against what she believed was a “rapid shift to the left” that would, she said, lead to the nation’s destruction.

“How dare we strip from our Creator what our Founders had dedicated to him?” she said. “How dare you try to take that back and change it for mankind, for some kind of secular use, secular enjoyment?”

After Palin finished her interview, as the video shows, Christian leader Cindy Jacobs prayed over her, saying, “But the Lord says, ‘Daughter, I am raising up an army of intercessors, and I am raising up an army of pastors and leaders that are coming around you.’

“And the Lord said, ‘When I have you take the big steps, the biggest steps,’ the Lord said, ‘You’re going to see a wave of the Holy Spirit hit, and it’s gonna hit the church.’ And the Lord says, ‘When this revival comes to this nation, and as it is coming, now, it will come with a reformation,’” Jacobs prayed.

If she does seek a Senate term, Murchowski wouldn’t be Palin’s only formidable challenge.

Palin would be taking on Kelly Tshibaka, the former Alaska commissioner for administration who announced in March that she will run against Murkowski.

Tshibaka has already won Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement.

The former president, according to Fox News, issued a statement in June expressing his support for Tshibaka.

“Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska,” Trump said in the statement.

“Murkowski has got to go! Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski—and she will. Kelly is a fighter who stands for Alaska values and America First.  She is MAGA all the way, pro-energy, strong on the Border, tough on Crime and totally supports our Military and our great Vets.

“Kelly is a powerful supporter of the Second Amendment and JOBS! I look forward to campaigning in Alaska for Kelly Tshibaka. She has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

In order to become the next senator representing the state, the candidates must first make it through the nonpartisan blanket primary.

Four candidates who get the most votes in the primary will advance to the next stage, which is the general election, where voters will choose their preferred candidates through a ranked-choice voting system that’s starting next year.