Santa, Snowman Teach Children About Gender Identity

New Jersey parents have condemned school board officials after it was learned their children received a lesson about transgenderism from a “gender snowperson.” The character teaches children as young as eight that “sex assigned at birth” is questionable. A New York City school library is also sharing a picture book depicting “Santa’s Husband.”

From The Epoch Times:

The book also describes a warming North Pole and tensions of labor union negotiations with elves. And an illustration of the Claus wedding ceremony seems to depict a radiant, smiling Jesus looking on as the two men smooch.


It’s not surprising the “snowperson” lesson explaining sexual topics received a warm welcome from schools in New Jersey.

In 2019, the New Jersey Department of Education issued an updated policy on Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts, guaranteeing the confidentiality of a student’s transgender status.

“Schools should address the student using a chosen name; the student’s birth name should be kept confidential by school and district staff,” according to the policy.