San Francisco Declares State of Emergency: Monkeypox

The infection is considered less deadly than COVID.

  • In response to an outbreak of monkeypox, a newly emerging viral disease, the mayor of San Francisco announced a state of emergency on Thursday.
  • The proclamation made public by Mayor London Breed and the city’s Department of Public Health gives the local government additional authority to take swifter action to stop the spread.
  • Monkeypox is considered less infectious and less lethal than COVID-19 and is thought to be a milder version of smallpox.
  • According to a White House fact sheet, the symptoms include a rash and fever.
  • Domestic and international news organizations have been quick to discredit the idea that monkeypox could be in any way connected to COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Theories about the potential origins or contributions to the outbreak vary, but one report suggests that authorities are using the outbreak to cover up the COVID-19 vaccine’s contribution to an acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
  • The article connects today’s report to a study published in the 1980s that studied monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • More information about instances of monkeypox alleges that it has been extremely rare and even more so outside of Africa, where it was first found, stating that it has never been recorded in multiple countries outside of Africa at the same time.
  • As of July 27, there were 261 confirmed cases of Monkeypox infections in San Francisco.
  • The virus is typically spread through sexual contact, particularly among the male gay and bisexual community.