Sadie Robertson Addresses Modesty: ‘Find Contentment With the Lord,’ Not Other People

Author and podcast host Sadie Robertson Huff is encouraging young women not to give in to the cultural pressure to “show more skin,” saying their worth is found in how God views them and not what others believe.

“That gets me fired up” talking about modesty, Robertson said on the latest edition of her Whoa That’s Good podcast. She was answering a question from a listener who wanted to know how to balance “dressing cute” but “staying modest.” The question noted that there is “pressure from our culture to wear less and show more.”

Robertson hosted the episode with her husband, Christian.

“I remember in high school feeling like this. … Because all the guys seem to like the girls that don’t wear anything,” Robertson said. “You’re like, well, if I’m covered up, then they’re never going to notice me, and they’re never gonna like me and all this kind of stuff.”

Robertson, though, said the “right guy and the right people” are “actually going to treasure you for the purity that you have and treasure you for the modesty that you have.” She encouraged young women to “find contentment with the Lord before you find it from any other man.”

“God made you beautiful, and He made you wonderful, and He made you for you to steward and treasure that. Your body is a temple,” she said. “… If you’re not competing with other girls, you will probably feel a lot more inclined to dress however you really feel comfortable and not dress how you want to be seen.”

Referencing the cultural pressure to show skin, Robertson said, “That gets me fired up because I hate that girls feel like they have to do that. And I just remember in high school feeling like that. I just remember feeling like I have to show more.”

Her husband, Christian, is more conservative on the issue than she is, Robertson said.

“I’ll put on something, and I think it looks fine. And he’s like, ‘Hey, babe … I just think it shows too much.’ And I’m actually so appreciative of that. Because he’s not wanting me to go show my body to the world, because that’s between us, you know, that’s a respect thing that he has for me and for our marriage.”

Reporting from Christian Headlines.