Russia-Ukraine Talks to Begin Monday Morning: Russian News Agency

The reason is the Ukrainian delegation’s logistics, the source said.

From Russian news source, TASS:

Talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations will begin in the morning on Monday, a source told TASS on Sunday.

“It is not a postponement. The meeting will begin in the morning. The reason is the Ukrainian delegation’s logistics,” the source said.

Russian presidential aide Vladimir Medinsky, who leads the Russian delegation to the talks, said earlier that an agreement had been reached with the Ukrainian side on Sunday to hold talks in Belarus’ Gomel region. The Russian delegation has already left Minsk and is heading for the talks’ venue, which, according to a TASS source, will not be disclosed.

From Ukrainian news source, Interfax:

Negotiations with Russia can take place in any country from whose territory missiles do not fly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Sunday morning.

“Of course we want peace. We want to meet, we want the end of the war! Warsaw, Bratislava, Budapest, Istanbul, Baku – we proposed all of this to the Russian side. Yes, any other city in a country from whose territory missiles do not fly suits us. Only in this way can negotiations be honest. And they can really end the war,” he said.

Addressing Belarus, Zelensky said that “if there were no aggressive actions from your territory, we could speak in Minsk. When you were neutral, we spoke in Minsk, we met many times. This is the right thing. This is the true thing. That’s right, to talk to us like a neighbor. Right now, you haven’t made your big choice yet. And it is ahead, it should depend only on you. Not on Russia, not on Ukraine, not on the United States, but on the people of Belarus,” Zelensky said.