Rudy Giuliani to Newsmax: ‘They Want This Mouth Shut’

Striking back at a New York appeals court decision Thursday to suspend Rudy Giuliani from practicing law in New York, former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney on Newsmax rejected the “horribly dishonest opinion,” “a Democrat decision.”

“This is a Democrat decision by five judges who should be themselves investigated, because they’re destroying fairness,” Giuliani told Thursday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

“I’m not very happy about this. I love practicing law; it’s my passion. I’ve done it for 50 years. I’ve done it for 50 years without, I think, a single complaint ever. I’ve been involved in some of the most bitter litigation imaginable — never had charges like this — and I’ve had my life threatened any number of times for the cases that I brought that I think really helped my country.”

An angry and near emotional Giuliani had his words trail off as he spoke to host Greg Kelly live in the studio Thursday night.

“And I don’t appreciate these … I mean, it’s,” he continued. “I don’t know exactly what I can’t say and what I can say.

“All I can tell you is America is not America any longer. We do not live in a free state. We live in a state that’s controlled by the Democratic Party, by [New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo, [New York City Mayor Bill] de Blasio, and the Democrats.”

Giuliani called it a political search for a crime and “a double standard.”