Rolling Stone Falsely Labels Buffalo Gunman as a ‘Mainstream Republican’

In the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York that left 10 people dead, many corporate media outlets are focusing solely the shooter’s intentions. The shooter’s intentions were laid out clearly in a 180-page manifesto, where he ranted about numerous topics and described himself as “mild-moderate authoritarian left.” A particularly incendiary opinion piece titled “The Buffalo Shooter Isn’t a ‘Lone Wolf’, He’s a Mainstream Republican” was published by Rolling Stone. The title pulls no punches, as it accuses a large section of the country of sympathizing with the mass-murderer.

The article contains a lot of mind reading, where the author seems to infer the worst possible intentions from various influential figures on the right, including Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, J.D. Vance, and several others.

Carlson and other right wing populist and nationalist leaning figures have come under fire from the left and some on the mainstream right for sharing the notion that native white Americans are being replaced by nonwhite immigrants. This idea is treated as a “racist conspiracy theory” by its critics, who often insinuate that Trump supporters are in the midst of a “moral panic” over the country becoming less white, rather than for reasons such as depressed wages and increased crime. “The gnawing fear of a minority-white America has utterly consumed conservative politics for the past half-decade, creating a Republican party whose dual obsessions with nativism and white fertility have engendered a suite of policies engineered to change the nature of the body politic”, the article states.

For what is referred to as a fringe conspiracy theory, corporate media has plainly pointed out that the demographic replacement of middle America is happening and is actually good.

The article closes with a warning about how rhetoric such as that of people like Carlson and Trump will lead to more “corpses”, mentioning that the GOP kowtows to the racist sentiments of right-wing America. “The Republican Party caters chiefly now to those who claim that to be born the wrong color is an act of genocide, and act with appropriate fervor,” wrote Talia Lavin, who authored the piece.

Lavin was previously fired by The New Yorker after falsely accusing an ICE agent of having a Nazi tattoo.

Instances of anti-white violence often get memory-holed by the corporate media despite several high-profile events over the past few months. The NYC subway shooting and the Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade are two examples that were written off as random acts of violence, or in the words of the Rolling Stone piece, “lone wolf” actors. Both instances include perpetrators who were radicalized by rhetoric that came from the Black Lives Matter movement, all of which was echoed across corporate media as well as by many Democrat politicians.

In the case of Darrell Brooks, the Waukesha Christmas Parade killer, he was partially driven to commit violence against white people because of various lies he believed about the Kyle Rittenhouse case.

Reporting from The National File.