RNC Election Integrity Chief: GOP To Curb Fraud In 2022 Midterms

The RNC has been ramping up efforts to prevent voter fraud and tampering with the upcoming 2022 midterms. According to RNC Election Integrity Director Josh Findlay, the Republican Party planned to increase poll watching and litigation efforts to minimize and contest irregularities at the ballot box.

The RNC has already appointed election integrity directors to nine states, with plans to add more in key battleground areas. Findley said the extra addition of deputies and regional field directors would better equip staff to work more efficiently.

Findlay pointed out President Trump’s efforts to overturn election fraud last year were unsuccessful because his lawyers took legal action in courts too late. He added the GOP would stand ready in advance this time around.

Findley went on to say election integrity efforts from the RNC have been restricted since a 1981 Democrat-led lawsuit regarding claims of  GOP voter suppression. However, he has remained confident this round of elections would be different since the court order was lifted last year.