Rip Curl Ends Partnership With Bethany Hamilton Over Her Views on Transgender Athletes

Rip Curl has ended their partnership with professional surfer Bethany Hamilton over her views on men competing in women’s sports.

The company has also faced backlash after featuring a biological male model to promote its women’s line.

“Male-bodied athletes should not be competing in female sports,” Hamilton wrote on X. “Period.”

Many took to social media to express their anger with the company over the ordeal.

“Rip Curl was always one of my favorite brands in this industry, bummer I’ll never spend another dime with em,” one user posted.

“RIP for me rip curl!!! Not supporting anymore!” added another.

Many also showed support for Hamilton, also an outspoken Christian.

“Bethany is an icon. She’s better without this company,” one user said.

“There will be No one better than Bethany to represent women in women’s surfing – RIP Rip Curl,” another user added.

Australians are calling for a national boycott of the iconic surf brand, and the post has since been deleted by the company.