Riley Gaines to Testify Before House Panel On Protecting Women’s Sports

NCAA swimming champion Riley Gaines and other women leaders are expected to testify in front of a House Oversight subcommittee next week.

The group will be speaking out on President Biden’s policies regarding men competing in women’s sports.

House Oversight Subcommittee on Health chairwoman Lisa McClain (R-MI), announced on Tuesday that Gaines, Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow Sarah Parshall Perry, and former Oberlin College head women’s lacrosse coach Kim Russell will be attending the hearing titled “The Importance of Protecting Female Athletics and Title IX.”

“Congress must do everything it can to protect women’s sports,” McClain said.

“The Biden Administration is putting women’s safety, privacy, and opportunities at risk by dismantling Title IX.”

“We look forward to hearing from Riley Gaines and other witnesses firsthand about how these rules changes harm fairness and protection for women in women’s sports across the country,” the congresswoman continued.

Gaines has been an outspoken critic against biological male transgender athletes from competing against women.

“The rewrite of Title IX is an abomination. It’s equating sex to gender identity, which means men would live in dorm rooms with women,” Gaines said earlier this year.

“Men would have full access to bathrooms, changing areas, locker rooms,” she continued. “Men could join sororities, which we’re seeing happening. It’s happening at the University of Wyoming. Men can take academic and athletic scholarships away from women.”

“In this new rewrite, it’s actually sexual harassment if you misgender a trans-identified individual. It’s sexual harassment that if you’re in a dorm room and you’re a woman and you feel uncomfortable sharing this room and you complain and asked to be moved — you’re guilty of sexual harassment.”