Right-Wing Coalition Triumphs in Italy’s Key Regional Elections

Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing coalition triumphed in Italy’s regional elections for Lazio and Lombardy, a resounding endorsement from the electorate, according to reports.

The coalition secured more than half of the vote share in the two regions, which are the most important and account for over a quarter of Italy’s population and a third of the country’s economic output.

Lombardy, where Milan is located, saw the right-wing retain control, while Lazio, home to Rome, was won over from the center-left.

The victory will see Francesco Rocca become the president of Lazio and Attilio Fontana remain in charge of Lombardy.

“Pride for the work done, responsibility for the trust given: Thank you, Lombardia,” tweeted Fontana after speaking with the left-wing candidate who conceded defeat.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni congratulated both leaders on their “clear victory” and expressed confidence in their ability to honor the mandate received from citizens.

Initial reporting showed Meloni’s Brothers of Italy party as the one with the highest vote share, at 25.7 percent in Lombardy and 34 percent in Lazio.

The center-left Five Star Movement suffered a major loss, recording only 5.3 percent in Lombardy and 4.1 percent in Lazio, down from the 2018 election results.

“If the exit polls are true, it is a success of the center-right (…) in Lazio and also Lombardy. A vote of confidence in the center-right,” commented Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani.

Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida added that the victory showed voters were “rewarding the good governance of the center-right” and punishing “the bad governance of the center-left.”